Expanding minds, one human at a time

Expanding minds, one human connection at a time

Activating Allyship through immersive workshops, books and resources to help your little one navigate and appreciate the culturally diverse world around them!

We connect you with diverse books and resources!

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Jenae Tien is an author, communication graduate, journalist, multimedia producer, and a mother to two beautiful kids…Learn More


Discover diverse products, amazing resources & the Deck of Diversity.


Fun & Educational Activities – Teach Diversity, Self-Love, and Cultural Appreciation


Teaching Kids Allyship, Diversity & Positive Connections!

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Why are Positive and Diverse Resources Important?

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Meet Elsie and her mum Courtney

Courtney is an advocate for inclusive learning resources and has a been a huge supporter of Expand Your Library.

Meet Alessandra & her mum Renee

Alessandra and her mom work through the Deck of Diversity cards together, often in the evenings to align with events or conversation topics.

Meet Elijah

He likes to go to his local library in Bundaberg and explore Deck Of Diversity. Elijah is what we would call an Environmental Ally.

Feedback from the EYL Community

“Deck of Diversity is an excellent addition to our learning resources and will be used for social and emotional development…” Read More

– St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

“Educators (Jenae and assistant) are very engaged with the children and teaching life long skills of resilience and appreciation for everyone…” Read More

– Deck of Diversity Workshop at Canossa Kindy

An absolutely wonderful deck of artworks with words that promote inclusion, love, togetherness, kindness and justice for our future Kings and Queens…” Read More

– Nicky and her daughter Grace

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