About Expand Your Library

At Expand Your Library, we are committed to advancing allyship and dismantling cultural stereotypes in the education sector, including the early years learning and lower primary school domains.

Through workshops, books, and resources, we foster human connections and expand minds one interaction at a time.

Our diverse range of products, including the Deck of Diversity, comprehensive teacher packs, and free downloads, along with our inclusive social media presence celebrating inclusive books and resources, reflects our dedication to promoting positive representation in storytelling and imagery.

Additionally, through our consulting services at Expand Your Mind Consulting, we partner with organisations to drive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, to create impactful strategies, content, and share authentic narratives using the strength of lived experience and community engagement.

With tailored workshops, talks, and consulting services, we empower educators and organisations to navigate and inspire DEI endevours.

Expand Your Library connects you with resources that will inspire and educate your little ones through the creative lens of diverse literature and visual materials.

We believe all children should have the opportunity to see themselves in all aspects of life. Positive representation is vital for our young ones to feel a part of their community and to have a sense of belonging.

This is a safe place to access information about diverse resources for your children or students.

Expand Your Library = Expand Your Mind!

Every child deserves the opportunity to access diverse literature and visual materials that inspire and educate.

Expand Your Library seeks to inspire and educate young ones through the activation of Allyship and celebration of Diversity!

We believe in promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of life, including children’s education.

Our mission is to provide access to diverse resources that will foster a sense of belonging and community for all children.

Meet the Founder

Jenae Tien is the founder of Expand Your Library. She’s also an author, media and communication professional, multimedia producer, and mother of two. Jenae is currently continuing her postgraduate studies at QUT with a Graduate Certificate of Education with specific focus on Autisum.

Jenae is passionate about diversity and helping children embrace and respect each other.

After a play date where her daughter was made to feel different due to her skin tone, Jenae created Deck of Diversity, a deck of cards with explanations, questions and affirmations to encourage early conversations about inclusion and cultural diversity in a fun way.

“It’s important for parents and educators to give children the tools they need and at a young age, to be able to positivley navigate the diversity within them and around them!” – Jenae Tien

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