Become an Ally Warrior

June 20, 2023

The Importance of Being an Ally and How to Instill this in Our Children

Being an ally is an important role that someone plays in society. An ally is a kind-hearted individual, who is not only helpful but also supportive of ALL people in their community. The concept of allyship is very important today, and it’s essential that we teach this to our children.

Allyship in Action

As parents, it’s a universal aspiration for our children to grow up embodying the traits of kindness, compassion, and empathy. One potent way to inculcate these values within them is by discussing allyship at home.

The concept of allyship is centered around supporting and advocating for marginalised groups. This makes it a pivotal concept for children to understand in the world they’re growing into.

But the question arises: How can we initiate these critical conversations with our little ones?

One fun activity is to create a “kindness jar” together. Get a jar and some colourful paper or sticky notes. Throughout the week, encourage your child to write down one kind thing they did for someone else or one thing they learned about allyship. Then, on the weekend, sit down together and read the notes out loud. This can spark meaningful conversations and show your child the impact of their actions.

3 tips to get your little one started in their understanding of Allyship

Listen and learn – When someone tells you about their experience be it good or bad try to understand and believe them. For example, if your friend says they are being bullied by a group of people but that group of people is nice to you, that does not mean that your friend’s experience isn’t true, just different from yours and unfair that your friend is being treated that way.

Speak up – When you see someone being treated unfairly try to support them by speaking up or ask an adult to help speak up for you.

Be kind to all people, all the time – Stand beside your peers and work with them not for them or against them. Be a team!

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