Empowering Inclusive Learning: Elsie and Courtney’s Inspiring Journey

June 14, 2023

Meet Elsie and her mum, Courtney. Courtney is not only a loving mother but also a passionate advocate for inclusive learning resources.

Impressed by the positive range of diverse books and resources that were celebrated on Expand Your Library’s social media pages, Courtney took it upon herself to become a vocal advocate for inclusive learning resources in her community. Courtney also started using Deck of Diversity at home with her daughter to increase her daughter’s understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. 

“Such a needed product for young and old alike, to truly have the opportunities to discuss diversity in all its facets. Beautiful quality and so thankful to have this Deck of Diversity to use with my daughter as she grows up. You can see the love and dedication that has been poured into this amazing creation. Thank you for making such a beautiful product and for all your efforts to making the world a better place for our little ones to grow up in”.

Let their story inspire us to champion inclusivity and ensure that every child has access to the inclusive resources and meaningful conversations they deserve.