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At Expand Your Mind, we specialise in corporate training and workshops designed to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion within organisations. Led by Jenae, our expert facilitator, we are committed to driving positive change and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.


Empowering Organisations through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education

Our vision at Expand Your Mind Consulting is to create workplaces where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Through our work, we strive to:

  • Promote cultural understanding, empathy and respect among team members.

  • Foster increased collaboration and innovation.

  • Drive positive change in corporate environments.

  • Create a culture of inclusivity that celebrates cultural diversity.


Our Expert in Cultural Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Education

As an African American and Australian woman, Jenae brings her lived cultural experience to the forefront of her services through a strength-based approach to create effective solutions for your business.

With over a decade of experience in driving meaningful change within corporate settings, Jenae’s work has impacted organizations of all sizes.

With a background in media, education, and multicultural community engagement, she is adept at delivering impactful strategies, workshops, and content that resonate with an array of audiences.

Jenae is the founder of ‘Expand Your Library’ a social enterprise activating allyship and exploring cultural diversity within the eduational space for children, through workshops, books and resources.

Jenae ensures that her services are not only effective but also culturally sensitive and inclusive.

Talks & Workshops

Our training solutions are customised to address the specific needs of your organisation and are designed to inspire lasting change.

Hour of Power

Engage your team in a dynamic hour-long session that energises and empowers them to embrace cultural diversity. Our Hour of Power session delivers impactful insights and practical strategies to foster inclusivity and collaboration in your workplace.

Get Deep in a Day Workshop

Dive deep into cultural diversity with our intensive full-day workshop. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and facilitated discussions, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of diversity issues and develop actionable plans for creating an inclusive organisational culture.

Consultancy – How Can We Help?

Leverage our expertise to address specific challenges or opportunities related to cultural diversity within your organisation. Our consultancy services provide tailored solutions, including assessments, strategy development, and ongoing support, to help you build a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

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At Expand Your Mind Consulting, we believe in the power of connection. We’re passionate about building meaningful relationships with our customers, partners, and community.

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In the News & Media

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in media training with Jenae Tien. The way in which she presented the information and hands on training was amazing. Jenae was able to access my public speaking abilities, coach me on how to improve and give me confidence to appear in front of a camera in a mock interview. Jenae is great to work with and I highly recommend her.”

– Australian Rural Leadership Foundation | Milparanga Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Participant (Media Literacy Workshop)

“Social media is an in-demand skill these days, especially for people like myself who are influencing a lot of women. Through the workshop run by Jenae I was able to increase self-confidence and set a target. By joining her mentorship program, I defined actions to avoid mistakes plus I enjoyed learning. She prepared me for an important interview which was showcased in Parliament house and I am so grateful that I didn’t rely on my own experience alone.”

– Tamy Jafari | Asylum seeker resource centre CAPP Participant (Social Media Workshop)


“Great content- made me think and all can be applied.”

– Bundaberg Regional Council | Louise Smith (DEI Workshop)

“It was great – really engaging, flowed well and presented in an effective way.”

– QLD ED Link and Launch Program | Kylie Sauer (DEI Workshop)

“Valuable! Very satisfied. I will remember to slow down to acknowledge building cultural connections.”

– Relationships Australia