Feedback from the EYL Community

“Deck of Diversity is an excellent addition to our learning resources and will be used for social and emotional development.”

– St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

“Educators (Jenae and assistant) are very engaged with the children and teaching life long skills of resilience and appreciation for everyone. Very hands-on which keeps the children engaged. Can’t wait to see them again soon. Thank you so much. Great ideas for teaching and further investigation. Parents loved it and also said thank you. They particularly liked the affirmations section.”

– Deck of Diversity Workshop at Canossa Kindy

“An absolutely wonderful deck of artworks with words that promote inclusion, love, togetherness, kindness and justice for our future Kings and Queens. I would support this gorgeous young woman Jenae Tien as she walk the talk in empowering young people to look after each other no matter their background. The illustrations by Dissirama Laba are so sharp, clear and stylish.”

– Nicky and her daughter Grace

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in media training with Jenae Tien. The way in which she presented the information and hands on training was amazing. Jenae was able to access my public speaking abilities, coach me on how to improve and give me confidence to appear in front of a camera in a mock interview. Jenae’s feedback was presented in a way that I was able to understand and be better prepared for any future interviews. Jenae is great to work with and I highly recommend her.”

– Australian Rural Leadership Foundation | Milparanga Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Participant (Media Literacy Workshop)

Jenae Tien once again facilitated an inspiring presentation for students at our school, leading

Children house prep students  through a diversity workshop with the help of CJ cannon. This workshop helped our children to understand the meaning of diversity through using familiar: terms, such as looking at differences in clothes and hair as well as skin tone. Students were led through a supported conversation of diversity and why “difference is good. Difference is exciting and you are one of a kind.”We looked at the colour of our skin and discussed it as being a part of a palette, a rainbow or tones and how cool is that !? Students enjoyed listening to the story ‘Luli and the Language of Tea’ by Andrea Wang and created fruit salad skewers to signify the concept of diversity in a hands-on way! 

Diversity is an important topic that is normalised through open conversations with a goal to learn more about each other.

We encourage you to continue these conversations with your children and look forward to further educational opportunities. Thank you Jenae and CJ for your time running these sessions.”

– Brisbane Montessori School (Kindy Kids Workshop)

“Social media is an in-demand skill these days, especially for people like myself who are influencing a lot of women. Through the workshop run by Jenae I was able to increase self-confidence and set a target. By joining her mentorship program, I defined actions to avoid mistakes plus I enjoyed learning. She prepared me for an important interview which was showcased in Parliament house and I am so grateful that I didn’t rely on my own experience alone.”

– Tamy Jafari | CAPP Participant (Social Media Workshop)

Meet Elsie and her mum Courtney

Courtney is an advocate for inclusive learning resources and has a been a huge supporter of Expand Your Library. 

Meet Alessandra & her mum Renee

Alessandra and her mum like to work through the Deck of Diversity cards together, often in the evenings to align with events or conversation topics that come up throughout the day.

Meet Elijah

He likes to go to his local library in Bundaberg and explore Deck Of Diversity. Elijah is what we would call an Environmental Ally.