Kindy to Primary School

Ally Warrior workshops exploring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Let’s activate Allyship – Our School Incursions is a celebration of cultural diversity, inclusion and community.

We utilise Deck of Diversity, music and immersive roleplay to teach early learning students about Allyship and Diversity in a jam packed 30 minute show!

In an hour of power workshop, through engaging activities, meaningful conversation and games, we teach primary school students about Allyship, positive communication, and respect for others while exploring cultural Diversity.

All sessions for all age groups incorporate immersive activities and play- based interactions that cater to early learning and primary school students.

We appreacite that all schools are different and we can customise our workshops to address your school’s specific needs of focus, while ensuring students feel connected and psychologically safe.

“Deck of Diversity is an excellent addition to our learning resources and will be used for social and emotional development…” Read More

– St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

“Educators (Jenae and assistant) are very engaged with the children and teaching life long skills of resilience and appreciation for everyone…” Read More

– Deck of Diversity Workshop at Canossa Kindy

“Deck of Diversity and Expand Your Library nailing and assisting the ethos of Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…” Read More

– Renee and her daughter Alesandra

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Who Facilitates The Workshops?

Expand your Library is Brisbane-based and the founder and facilitator of the workshop is Jenae Tien, a Media professional, communications mentor, author and mother of two.

Jenae brings an energetic and vibrant energy to the classrooms.

Students leave feeling a sense of comfort and safety in their classrooms, while also increasing their knowledge and understanding of the importance of embracing differences and appreciating unique perspectives that each individual brings to the table.

“We want students to feel positive and encouraged around topics of diversity and inclusion and have a lot of fun along the way!” – Jenae Tien