EYL Corporate Workshops and Consulting

Creating a Richer Cultural and Cohesive Working Environment

Jenae Tien fosters a more inclusive and supportive workplace through engaging talks and workshops. Jenae guarantees a profound exploration of bias’s influence on authentic relationships, the acquisition of invaluable strategies for outreach and engagement, and the cultivation of a newfound assurance in navigating diverse cultural landscapes.

**Workshops can be transformed to meet the clients needs.

Customised Consulting Approach for DEI Enhancement

Jenae Tien brings a tailored approach to consulting, utilising her strengths-based listening skills. Employing a two-way learning method, she seeks to deeply understand your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) needs. By building on existing initiatives and identifying new opportunities, Jenae formulates strategic guidlines to enhance ongoing efforts, providing a comprehensive roadmap for organisational personal and professional growth.

Expert Storytelling for Diverse Audiences

Drawing on her extensive 8-year background in media, including a notable 6-year tenure at ABC, Jenae Tien offers expertise in storytelling. Whether you’re considering starting a podcast, creating culturally inclusive content, or venturing into media projects, Jenae’s experience can significantly contribute to amplifying your creative endeavors. Her wealth of knowledge ensures effective communication to diverse audiences, making your narratives resonate with authenticity and inclusivity.

“Love the workshop! I have been able to take the information and also transfer to my work of disability support. Thank you for an amazing presentation. Your style is incredibly engaging and informative!”

– Workshop Participant

“Great content – it made me really think and all will be applied.

Thank you for your energy and delivery!

-Bundaberg Regional Council

“It was great – really engaging, flowed well and was presented in an effective way!

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Who Facilitates The Workshops?

Expand your Library is Brisbane-based and the founder and facilitator of the workshop is Jenae Tien, a Media professional, communications mentor, author and mother of two.

Jenae brings an energetic and vibrant energy to the workshops

Participants in these workshops or consultations will leave with a heightened awareness of their own biases and a commitment to fostering a more inclusive workplace culture. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and real-world examples, participants will develop the skills needed to effectively navigate diverse teams, communicate inclusively, and promote equity within their organisation.